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Import video

Embed is the solution to save you time

How do I import a video into my account?

Copy the original link from your browser bar and paste it in the “Original video URL” box. Give a title to your video and click “Import Video” button below. Need an example?


Original video URL:

From where can I import a video?

You can import any video from over 120 supported hosts.

You can import multiple videos in short time in this page.

You can import multiple videos in short time in this page.

Are there any limits?

There aren’t any limits. Feel free to import how many videos you like.

Supported hosts

Highest eCPM rate. For all Countries.

Your earnings depend by the countries of your traffic

  • Group A
    Group ACountry group A

    Australia, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, United States of America

    42.00 $

    For every 10.000 views

    • Group B
      Group BCountry group B

      Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, France

      33.00 $

      For every 10.000 views

      • Group C
        Group CCountry C group's

        Belgium, Netherlands, Portugal, Italy, Spain, Poland, South Africa

        21.00 $

        For every 10.000 views

        • Group D
          Group DCountry D group's

          Japan, Brazil, Greece, India, Mexico, Serbia, Cyprus and all other countries.

          12.00 $

          For every 10.000 views


          Every day is.. Payday

          How can I request my payment?

          You can request your payment by filling out the form. The form will be able reaching $ 25.00

          How do I get paid?

          Payments are made by using Skrill, Paypal, Payoneer, Payza and Weboney.

          Can I request Wire Transfer?

          Wire Transfer can be requested for amounts over $ 300.00

          When do I get paid?

          Withdrawals are processed daily (on weekdays).

          How much is the minimum payout?

          Payout from just $ 25.oo

          Do I get any bonus?

          You will receive a welcome bonus of $3.00 signing in. Also receiving more than 1000 view per day you’ll get a bonus according to the quality of the traffic, from a minimum of $0.05 to a maximum of $0.15.

          My visits are from mixed groups of countries, how eCPM works?

          Our system calculates and updates your eCPM depending by the country of your traffic

          When does my eCPM change?

          By default your eCPM is $1.00. It will change depending by the country of your traffic. ( arround 1.000 views it will update ). Your eCPM never drops below $1.00 and can reach $4.30

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